STAGGERING reality: In 24 states at least HALF of all babies are born…

Once the government provides a free or low-cost benefit to anyone, it is damn near impossible to reduce or eliminate that benefit. Hence the section of our federal budget called “entitlements.”

Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security are no longer looked at as short-term fixes to temporary problems; they are “entitlements” to which everyone is entitled. No matter what the cost to taxpayers, no matter whether or not these programs can remain solvent, they are entitlements and must be preserved.

One of the giant problems with trying to reverse Obamacare is that health care is now viewed as an entitlement as well — which is basically now viewed as a basic human right. After all, if the government can provide a lawyer for you, why not a doctor?

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While Obamacare has caused skyrocketing premium and deductibles for many (Editor’s note: My premiums went up 40 percent in 2017), the Medicaid expansion appears to have been a boon for many more.

In fact, in 24 of our 50 states, at least half — and sometimes significantly more — of all babies are born on Medicaid. New Mexico receives the dubious honor of having 72 percent of its newborns paid for by Medicaid, according to CNS News.

You think there’s any chance Medicaid will be rolled back? Hardly.

Arkansas ranked second with 67 percent; Louisiana ranked third with 65 percent; and three states—Mississippi, Nevada and Wisconsin—tied for fourth place with 64 percent of babies born there covered by Medicaid.


New Hampshire earned the distinction of having the smallest percentage of babies born on Medicaid. In that state, Medicaid paid for the births of only 27 percent of the babies born in 2015.

Virginia and Utah tied for the next to last position, with 31 percent of the babies born on Medicaid.

However, according to KFF, some of the nation’s most populous states shared the distinction of having 50 percent or more of the babies born there born on Medicaid.

Just for reference, a 2010 study before Obamacare kicked in showed 57.5 percent of New Mexico babies were born on Medicaid. As stated previously, that number is now 72 percent.

It’s an astonishing and disturbing figure. And until we fix our economy so people have decent jobs that take them off the government safety net, and secure our borders, so more people don’t flood in wanting a spot on that net, we can only expect it to get worse.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but…

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

H/T Allen B. West
by Michele Hickford, Editor-in-Chief ||Image Credit


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