Top 5 reasons Democrats are becoming extinct

Can we just start with the definition of insanity once again, and pretend like the leftist establishment is educable?

While level-headed souls grasp for answers to the real threat of Islamic terror, and illegal immigrant crime against American citizens, survey the pink-hat brigade. Its greatest concern? Global warming. Oh, pardon me. It’s “climate change” now, because the science disproved the global-warming theory, so they needed to look elsewhere.

In 2006, Al Gore stood before his Sundance audience and predicted we would all be dead from global warming by 2016. Remember?

While their “Chicken Little” politics haven’t changed, the vigor with which they perpetuate lies has become much more divisive, utilitarian and vitriolic. They were right about one thing: Global warming might lead to extinction … of the Democratic Party.

Here are the Top 5 reasons the Democrats are becoming extinct:

  • The obdurate left just finished running yet another monolithic Clinton. America rejected that dynasty and doesn’t want to see Chelsea being pedestaled for a political position.
  • They won’t stop dividing. Race, gender, religion, pick your poison. They divide. That’s what they do best while screaming that conservatives “create division.”
  • They don’t represent most of Middle America in any way with their violent public tantrums and rages. We have seen tea parties and Trump rallies, and we have seen their resistance and anti-Trump hatred and violence. Americans are smarter than that.
  • Middle America cannot relate to their genital obsession. The pink hats were a horrid embarrassment. Picture the blue-dog Democrat farmer in rural Missouri. I know, humorous visual, but now you know the irony of their obsession.
  • No one wants to be a victim or be told to expect less from their government, or themselves. Yet these are the constant themes of the Democrat elite in the Beltway. That is not the party of Kennedy or Truman.

As much as the “resistance” movement would like to be credited with the potency of the tea party eight years ago, and their ability to make true change to elect the next president, there is one key thing missing: introspection.

The real tea party was less about bashing Obama (though their birth came out of his policy, to be sure). The tea party (and I am a founding member) was about taking a critical look at our own party and demanding more.

This is why the Democrats are on a collision course with failure. They and, so far, their “movement,” utterly refuse to look in the mirror.

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I have always had a theory that those with the most fragile egos become the most offended at criticism. This is no secret. The kid who throws the first punch is the one who can’t endure the fact that someone would offend his ego. The guy who beats his wife does it out of insecurity. The girl who gossips and name calls does so out of jealousy. We know it makes all of them look small, and it says more about them than it does their targets. But Democrats in the Beltway don’t seem to understand this truth.

Self-confidence must be strong for people to look in the mirror and ask, “How can I be better?”

The Democrats owe it to their voters to do a post-mortem introspection. Rank-and-file Democrats across Middle America are waiting to hear what their party understands they are doing wrong, and how they can do it better. Instead, they are getting more Clinton, more panjandrum, more division and more victimhood. Who would want that?

The Democratic Party leaders at this moment have seriously fragile egos, to their own detriment. The result is a rat wheel of repetition – the same message, same tactics, same failed policies that lost the 2016 election for them.

How can their party gain ground when they try the same, tired, alienating bully tactics again and again to get votes? There is no expansion in stagnation or in name-calling. There is no credibility in a party that only ever criticizes and says no. There is no dignity in division. And when you demand that all of your members conform to your narrative without exception – while screaming “fascist!” at the other party – you lose credibility fast!

I spoke about the demise of the Democrats on “Fox and Friends” this week:


The last couple of weeks, Chelsea Clinton has been doing some pernicious tweeting about climate change, division among genders and more Hillary blandishment. She may be the ultimate nail in the coffin of the Democrat elite.

It might take something like that for the Democratic Party to get out of the way of their voters so they have representation again. They may have been right about climate change after all: It may cause the extinction of the very creator and beneficiary of the disproven theory. The Democratic Party may, indeed, be extinct forever.

What do women want? Find the answer in Gina Loudon’s best-selling co-authored blockbuster, “What Women Really Want” — available at the WND Superstore


by Gina Loudon || Image Credit


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