Al Franken says he WON’T confirm Gorsuch because he’s AFRAID he’ll…

Federal appellate judge Neil Gorsuch has been giving liberals in the Senate ulcers ever since being nominated for SCOTUS by President Trump, answering questions deftly and with pure finesse despite the hack job being performed by Democrats.

One individual who seems to really be having a difficult time with Gorsuch — so much so that he’s going to vote no on his confirmation — is Sen. Al Franken, in a move that likely surprises absolutely no one.

However, the reason for his vote is due to Gorsuch taking him behind the woodshed, and because he’s deathly afraid of something the man might do on the bench, something that in America’s current political climate is totally shocking.

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Twitchy says, Shocker, Al Franken will vote no on Gorsuch’s confirmation.

As if we expected otherwise.

And sure, Franken pretends it’s because Gorsuch “won’t put himself in others’ shoes,” but deep down you know the spanking he received over the Constitution didn’t sit well with him.


If you watch the video you’ll see more bumbling and rambling from Franken about the trucker and some disabled truck and how the guy almost froze to death … yadda yadda yadda.

Sound rationale to deny a SCOTUS justice, right?



Most of all, Franken fears he will vote with the law.

The horror.

Like his colleague Senator Kamala Harris, it seems Franken’s concerns over Gorsuch are that he will adhere to the law. And hello, that’s what judges are supposed to do; not to mention Gorsuch would be replacing another literalist like Scalia.

A SCOTUS who actually upholds the law and protects the Constitution? Oh the horror, the HORROR!

Then again, if you’re a liberty-hating progressive, it’s somewhat logical for you to hate on anyone who will rigidly defend the individual rights we have and make sure the law is upheld providing equal justice for all.

After all, if a particular group of individuals aren’t given additional protection for their rights above other groups of people, who will the left fool into voting for them during elections?

Guess it all makes sense now.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

H/T Allen B. West
by Michael Cantrell ||Image Credit


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