Christian judge in blue Oregon targeted

(Washington Times) — Vance Day has come to think he stands for all the things America’s intolerant elites can’t stand. He may be right.

The Oregon circuit court judge served two terms as the state’s Republican Party chairman. That’s strike one against him in the minds of those elites. Strikes two and three are that he has an evangelical religious bent that leads him to see homosexuality as sinful.

This is why the elites are trying to force him off the bench, he says. So far they have succeeded in putting him in hock for $650,000 in personal legal expenses. That debt will only soar as his case claws its way up the appeals cliff. Not incidentally, Oregon pays Judge Day and each of the state’s 172 other circuit court judges $124,468 a year.

Vance Day probably was not on the mind of President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, when Judge Gorsuch creatively — and appropriately — dodged Senate Democrats’ questions during the Judiciary Committee’s confirmation hearing last week.

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