Mike Cernovich Blasts #FakeNews “60 Minutes”: “Why Do You Trust Hillary Campaign” (VIDEO)

The liberal media continued their crusade to exterminate any voices that prevent them from indoctrinating the masses tonight.

A far left group of hacks known as “60 Minutes” interviewed pro-Trump Twitter legend Mike Cernovich the founder of Danger and Play in a segment on #FakeNews.

This #FakeNews campaign is the latest ploy by the left to shut down dissenting voices who speak the truth.

The leftist “60 Minutes” hacks first interviewed some buffoon who admitted to creating false news stories during the 2016 election. They could just have easily invited on reporters from CNN, NBC, The Washington Post and New York Times for that segment. Then they interviewed Mike Cernovich — in the same segment.

It was a typical attack and smear job by the liberal elites.

At one point Cernovich stumped “journalist” Scott Pelley told Mike the Hillary camp insisted she as not sick when she collapsed at Ground Zero and had to be chucked in her Scooby van like a side of beef.

Mike Cernovich had an epic response:


For the record: Mike should ask “60 Minutes” to release the entire unedited video.

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by Jim Hoft || Image Credit


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