REVEALED: Before his murderous rampage, UK terrorist tried to FORCE his daughters to…

Information continues to be revealed related to Khalid Masood, the UK terrorist behind last week’s car and knife attack that killed five and injured fifty.

He had a handful of convictions throughout his life, with the first being in November 1983 when he was eighteen. Among his offenses since then ranged from assault, possession of “offensive weapons,” and public order offenses. In one such case he slashed a man’s face open with a knife in 2000, for which he went to jail, then stabbed a man in the nose three years after that, for which he then spent an additional six months in jail. It’s likely he was radicalized while in prison.

Masood was well known to the authorities in the UK due to his life of crime – and had also been under the radar of the M15 (the UK intelligence agency) as a peripheral figure part of a terrorism investigation. Clearly there was a failure there in that he was never further investigated.

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And we learned today, all investigators would have to do is interview members of Masood’s family to know something was off, as most of them resisted his extremism.

According to the Daily Mail, The daughter of Westminster attacker Khalid Masood fought against her jihadist father’s ideals and refused to give up her western lifestyle.

The defiant 18-year-old who is second of the Westminster attacker’s three children, refused to wear a veil and submit to her father’s strict Islamic way of life.

A photo of the attractive teen, wearing a glamorous black dress and smiling at the camera, paints a very different image to what might be expected of the daughter of an Islamic fanatic.


But while the teenager battled Masood’s demands, her older sister, 24, chose another path.

Family friends said radicalized Muslim covert Masood, who killed four people and wounded more than 50 during an 82-second rampage in Westminster last week, demanded both his daughters become Muslims and don the veil.

Older sister Andi, now 24, to Islam six years ago and left her mum Jane Harvey and sister Teegan behind at their home in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, to move in with her dad and his new partner in Luton north of London

They later moved to Birmingham where Andi is said to have been persuaded by Masood to cover herself in a burqa. She is also reported to have changed her name to an Arabic one.

Her successful businesswoman mother Jane, managing director of a chemicals company, fought desperately to prevent her younger daughter from joining her father.

There were more than a few red flags here, no? A history of violence, conversion to Islam in jail, and strict religious extremism in the home to the point where it divided a family, all while he’d been under investigation for connection to a terror plot.

Were there just too many dots to connect?

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

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by Matt Palumbo ||Image Credit

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