Brussels mayor warns: All our mosques are being controlled by Salafists

This means that they’re all controlled by devout Muslims. What does Mayeur expect? The dirty little secret that no one wants to admit is that the devout Muslims who believe in jihad and the conquest of the kuffar are not a tiny minority of extremists who have hijacked Islam. They’re mainstream.

“Brussels mayor warns: All our mosques are being controlled by Salafists,” by Siobhan McFadyen, Express, March 25, 2017:

THE MAYOR of Brussels has warned that all of the Belgium capital’s mosques are being controlled by Salafists.

And he said there has to be penalties for mosques that support Salafism, an ultra-orthodox religious-political ideology based on a belief in “physical” jihadism practised by some followers of the Sunni faith.

The comments, made by Yvan Mayeur, come just over a year after the terror attacks that rocked the city and its airport killing 16 people and injuring 300 more on March 22 2016.

In an interview with newspaper De Morgen, the 57-year-old Socialist Party mayor said more has to be done to combat the spread of radicalism in Europe.

He said: “Everyone knows that all mosques in Brussels are in the hands of Salafists.

“We need to change this, we need new mosques that follow our democratic rules and that are being controlled by the government.

“Jihadism in Belgium started in Antwerp, then spread to Vilvoorde, Molenbeek and Brussels-north.

“Terrorism is a problem that involves Europe as a whole.

“Don’t forget what happened in Paris, Nice and Berlin.

“If this was only a Brussels problem, it would have been solved.”

A report earlier this week revealed police in the Brussels district of Molenbeek have identified 51 organisations with suspected ties to terrorism.

Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon said he would “clean up” Molenbeek, after authorities confirmed many of the suspects involved in the Paris and Brussels terror attacks lived in the neighbourhood….

H/T Pamela Geller
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