Chris Matthews CROSSES THE LINE with despicable comment about Trump kids…

That the left in America is coming completely unhinged just a few months into the Donald Trump presidency becomes more apparent with each passing day. From Senator Charles Schumer having the audacity to yell at one of his own constituents in public and chase them out of a restaurant for having voted for Trump to Rachel Maddow’s ‘big reveal‘ of two pages of twelve-year-old tax returns that demonstrated Trump *gasp* paid his fair share [another extra few free clicks here?], the left is becoming a hit parade of quotes and actions straight off the funny farm.

But this latest disgusting comparison by MSNBC’s Chris Matthews –never one to be left off the Looney Tunes hit parade– is far from funny or even mildly amusing.  This week on his ill-watched show “Hardball” Matthews took the bombastic step of comparing the children of our president to those of Saddam Hussein.

The late Saddam Hussein, may he never rest in peace, had two sons, Uday and Qusay Hussein. To say that they were butchers is to put it mildly. Both were killed in U.S. led attacks on July 22, 2003 much to the delight and celebration of the Iraqi people. The UK Telegraph referred to the elder son Uday (39 at the time of his death) as “Saddam’s demon seed” while the younger, Qusay (37 at the time of his death) was liked even less. Qusay had a penchant for rape, torture and murder, reportedly raping women and then killing them afterwards due to their ‘poor performances.’  Of Uday The Guardian wrote, “He was a monster even by the standards of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, a sadist with a taste for cruelty so extreme that even his father was forced to acknowledge that his first-born son would not be a worthy heir.”

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These men were monsters of the worst order. Photos and videos of their palace revealed a plethora of demonic sickness; custom designed torture devices made to cause human death as slowly and painfully as possible while these two manifestations of evil sat and watched for entertainment. It is to these men that the MSNBC talking head compared the children of our First Family. Believe your own eyes and ears:

Even by Chris Matthews and MSNBC standards this low blow is beyond the pale. During the campaign of 2016 and especially on the night of his nomination, the whole world got a window into the Trump family and even those who did not support the man’s candidacy had to admit to being impressed by his children. The Trump kids come across as smart, articulate, capable, well-adjusted human beings. For them to even be mentioned in the same sentence as Uday and Qusay let alone compared to them is plain disgusting and evidence of how truly unglued the left has become.

[Note: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn]

H/T Allen B. West
by Derrick Wilburn ||Image Credit


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