Dana Loesch SHREDS Chelsea Clinton in just 4 lines on Twitter

Has anyone else noticed how much Chelsea Clinton, the sole “heir” to the Clinton legacy, has been in the news lately?

It’s almost as if she’s trying to carve out a name for herself, as if to prepare for a career in the public spotlight like dear old mom and dad.

Scary thought, right?

Recently we’ve seen her post about how diabetes and climate change are connected, along with other insane ramblings. But the latest lefty love-fest with the youngest Clinton caught the eye of conservative powerhouse Dana Loesch.

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Via Twitchy:

Mashable jumped into the “OMG Chelsea Clinton is so fetch we need to make her a thing” pool by writing a piece about her offering advice for young activists. Because ya know, she is totes down with the struggle and stuff.



Via Mashable:

It’s been quite an eventful few months for Chelsea Clinton.

From consistently taking the Trump administration to task on Twitter to announcing a new children’s book about influential women throughout history, Clinton has been increasingly vocal about the need to take action in these politically charged times.

Disgusting display of ooey-gooey gushing, right?

Then along comes Loesch with a concise tweet to deliver exactly what we need to relieve us of our intellectual nausea.


That’s what the cool kids call “bringing the heat.”

Of course, the internet also had a lot to say about Clinton. The following tweets are sort of like eye bleach, meant to rid your delicate visual sensory organs of the ickiness they picked up from the love fest above.




God bless you, Dana Loesch. Truly.

Let’s hope her career in politics, which seems inevitable at this point, never gets off the ground and we’re spared more misery at the hands of this family.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

H/T Allen B. West
by Michael Cantrell ||Image Credit


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