ISIS Stones to Death Youth Accused of Homosexuality

ISIS terrorists, not exactly known for their tolerance of homosexuality, stoned to death a youth charged with the crime of being gay.

The sharia punishment was carried out in Mosul.

Sharia followers typically toss homosexuals and those accused of engaging in homosexual acts off high rooftops.

From Iraqi News:

“The terrorist group published photos on affiliated websites showing a number of IS Diwan al-Hisbah (accountability) members, while reading out death sentence according to Sharia, in the presence of a crowd of people, before carrying out the execution based on “the limits of Allah and Islam”.

“The photos revealed that the Islamic State militants started to throw the youth with stones, who was blindfolded, after throwing him from a building’s rooftop, but the exact time and location of the execution were not identified.

“The incident is not the first of its kind in Mosul, where the terrorist group claims to implement the limits of God and Islam.”

Earlier this year, ISIS members sentenced another man accused of being homosexual to death, this time, tossing him from a rooftop.

Two ISIS members were also similarly killed around the same time frame, after sharia adherents determined they had engaged in homosexual acts in Dor al-Toub.

H/T Pamela Geller
by Geller Report Staff ||Image Credit


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