Islamic State make women TORTURE themselves and each other for not wearing veil

This is Sharia – women are dirt, so why should we be shocked at enforced dirt on dirt violence?

Meanwhile pseudo-feminists cozy up to Islam.

All this Islamic garb is as tainted as the brown shirt, the Nazi armband and the enforced wearing of the pink triangle or the yellow Star of David.

The women who shout about their rights to sport these Muhammadan symbols of oppression should hang their heads in shame (but they never will).

SICK ISIS militants made female prisoners TORTURE EACH OTHER for not wearing a veil

A PRISONER has revealed she was forced to beat and whip other women “who were not wearing gloves or socks or the veil” by the Islamic State terror group.

By Thomas Hunt, March 28, 2017

Miyasa Hodor, who has been in prison for two years after she was captured, told Sky News: “For adultery you would be stoned to death, for stealing they cut off your hand and for not wearing the veil, whipping.”

She said: “I had no training, my duty was to punish those as part of ISIS security.

They brought us about 50 people a day. The first time they told me you have to do it

“I said I cannot. They said, yes you can, you have to.”

Miyasa HodorSky News

The harrowing account shows the terror ISIS are unleashing

The barbaric militants have regularly burned people who do not adhere to their twisted views, but this is one of the first reports of them making civilians harm one another.

She added: “I stood up and I whipped her. With every lash she was screaming. I withdrew my hand.

“They came and stood right behind me and said: ‘If you don’t do it we will whip you instead. I have whipped many, you cannot count.”

Islamic State thugs burned three women to death after they refused to slaughter their neighbours who fled conflict.

Terror expert: We need to fight ISIS’s ideology not just territory

 The terrorists reportedly ordered the victims to kill citizens who had tried to escape the Iraqi city of Mosul, for which they were sentenced to death by cowardly “lawmakers”.
The three women declined, and as punishment, they were burned alive.

Miyasa HodorSky News

ISIS are losing their grip on the region but desperate acts are causing great harm

Hodor continued: “If somebody goes without the veil, they will use pliers on her. If they don’t take her they will take her husband instead.”

Bruno Geddo, UN representative in Iraq, said: “The worst is yet to come, if I can put it this way.

“Because 400,000 people trapped in the Old City in that situation of panic and penury may inevitably lead to the cork popping somewhere, sometime, presenting us with a fresh outflow of large-scale proportions.”

H/T Pamela Geller
by Pamela Geller ||Image Credit

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