Pulling the bill the ‘end of Trump’?

The sermon was indeed outstanding that Sunday, and when the altar boy set about tidying up after the service he saw that a page of the preacher’s sermon had fallen to the carpet beside the pulpit. Wonderful! Now he could have a memento of that soul-stirring sermon. As he retrieved the fallen page, he noticed the preacher had penciled in a little note to himself in the margin.

It said, “Argument unsubstantiated here. Yell like hell!”

I sometimes catch myself lying to myself, but my inner ear never lies to me, and my inner ear tells me that the Democrats and their wholly owned subsidiary media are making much more of a tzimmes over the House Republicans balking instead of voting on the heath-care bill last Friday.

And why not? Those people need a lot of love. Their human nature dictates that in the wake of so much failure lately they agree to “declare” a state of victory-by-acclamation to lift one another’s spirits.

I remember that after World War II there was a frenzy of “channel swimming,” swimmers from all over the world trying to glom some of Gertrude Ederle’s fame by swimming across the English Channel from Britain to France. Four swimmers from Egypt tried, and they all failed miserably. Before heading home, however, they did a “relay” in which each swimmer swam one-fourth of the distance. And did they return home as failures? Absolutely not! They returned home as heroes. They freely admitted they were heroes!

Nobody claims the day was a Republican victory, but the notion that Friday, March 24, 2017, is “the end of Trump” – a widely proclaimed mantra – is beyond absurd. On a scale of 1-to-100, the jubilant Democrats are pretending the damage to the Trump administration exceeds 75. I’d say it’s under 18.

It’s interesting that conservatives so finely attuned to the American political game that their knees go all aquiver when Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch utters something that seems too pleasing to liberals are the first victims of the liberal propaganda surrounding “the pulling of the bill.” They’re almost an echo-chamber for the Democrats. There was a song (“Whistle a Happy Tune” from “The King and I”) with a great message, namely, “You can be as brave as you make believe you are!” True enough, and you can be as shattered as you choose to be as you echo the leftist battle cry that “This is the end of Trump!”

The late Bill Rusher never got as much credit as he deserves for the furtherance of conservatism in America. (If you’re a serious conservative, read a great biography of William Rusher, “If Not Us, Who?” by David Frisk, Publisher ISI Books!) Bill was William Buckley’s publisher at National Review and once, after a similar GOP upscuddle that liberals decided to over-cheer about, Rusher came on the radio and in his sly, seductive sarcasm said, “Let’s do what Einstein used to call a ‘thought-experiment.’ Pretend the angel responsible for American politics came down and said to one and all, ‘I have a deal for you. If you approve we can freeze American politics as they are right now unto eternity. All I need is your majority approval.’”

In this present situation that would mean the Republicans forevermore hold the White House, the Senate and the House, plus almost a slam-dunk domination of the Supreme Court, and the Democrats may have a temporary victory regarding a health care bill.

Would our liberals take the deal? I don’t think so. And don’t lie to yourself or to me – you don’t think so either!

The French have a nice proverb for the GOP, namely, “C’est ne pas la fin des haricots!” – meaning, “It’s not the end of string beans.”

Shame on the Democratic leaders of today! I met my first Christian at the age of 5. But I didn’t meet my first Republican until the age of 25! Do the math. I was born into the Jewish section of Baltimore and moved to North Carolina at the age of 5. There were many good people in North Carolina, great people, salt of the earth, oregano of the universe, but nary a Republican. Your JFK and Hubert Humphrey and Scoop Jackson would never countenance the condition of the Democratic Party today. Anti-Israel? Pro-illegal immigration? Anti-police? Get outta here! JFK wouldn’t even be allowed to speak at a Democratic Convention nowadays. He was against abortion. This may be a slight stretch but not as rupturing as Democrat utterances these days. When Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi approach the microphones to crow at the Democratic achievement of yet another sunrise, I want to confront them and say what Churchill said to Hitler, “You do your worst, and we shall do our best.”

We may have had our little Dunkirk. Stand by for our much larger Normandies to come!

Media wishing to interview Barry Farber, please contact media@wnd.com.

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by Barry Farber || Image Credit


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