Ryan’s Ruling Elite Party

Joseph Farah’s commentary about Paul Ryan is correct, but it’s worse than that. Ryan is an integral character of what I call the R.E.P., or the Ruling Elite Party, that spans both sides of the aisle, including both the socialist radicals who wear the Democratic label and the socialist radicals who wear the Republican label.

It’s easy to see why Ryan did what he did. It was a two-fer for him. If his quixotic bill passed, Ocare would be replaced by something that does nothing to fix that disaster and would bring voter wrath on the few remaining patriots for failing to solve that horrible problem, delivering control of the government back to the radicals and send a message to any future reform-minded president not to challenge them or be destroyed. If the bill failed, same result. Voter wrath on Trump for failing to do what they elected him to do and likely return of reins of power to the R.E.P.

As Mr. Farah pointed out, Ryan’s sabotage should surprise no one. Trump’s going along with it is more surprising and raises troubling questions about whether he is just amazingly naive or actually wants government control over everyone’s health care, right there with Ryan.

Paul Blanchfield

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