Dems vs. Gorsuch: It’s the rule of law, stupid!

(Enter Stage Right) — In March of 1991, after Operation Desert Storm — the first war in Iraq — President George H. W. Bush enjoyed a 90% public approval rating. But a year later, facing an unknown young and energetic presidential challenger, Bill Clinton, Bush’s disapproval rating somehow topped 60%.

Clinton’s “ragin’ Cajun” campaign advisor, James Carville, sharply focused Clinton’s message on the economy and a single mantra, which the mainstream media dutifully repeated ad nauseam: “It’s the economy, stupid!”

And it worked.

Last week, as Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, faced a barrage of leftist criticism from Democrat “constitutional scholars” on the Senate Judiciary Committee, it became abundantly apparent that all of them missed the prerequisite “Constitutional Law 101” course regarding the role of SCOTUS jurists.

With no apology to Carville, allow me to respond to those critics: “It’s the Rule of Law, stupid!”

by -NO AUTHOR- || Image Credit

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