MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Compares Ivanka and Her Husband to Saddam Hussein’s Sons (VIDEO)

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews recently went on a tirade against Ivanka and her husband, comparing them to the sadistic, murdering sons of Saddam Hussein, Uday and Qusay Hussein.

Chris Matthews: ”

“You know, we kid,” he said, “I kid about everything, but Uday and Qusay working for Saddam Hussein — you couldn’t go to a restaurant and have eye contact with those guys without getting killed.”

“These people are really powerful,” he explained. “Imagine getting into a fight in the office with Jared or Ivanka. They have enormous power, and they’re always gonna be there.”

“This is what I worry about for other people in the White House,” Politico’s Annie Karni responded. “Ivanka Trump has been described as her father’s eyes and ears on the ground. That’s a little scary if you’re just a regular White House staffer.”

Let us revisit some of Saddam Hussein’s sons behavior…

Via Telegraph 

Uday, the psychopathic playboy, and Qusay, the cold, calculating and ruthless heir apparent, summed up the two sides of Saddam’s Iraq. They were living proof of how their father’s brand of tyranny combined wanton brutality with the cunning acumen that won more than three decades of dominance.

Apparently getting an office near your father’s is the equivalent of randomly picking up citizens and raping and killing them. According to Matthews’ logic, having conversations in the White House is no different than beating innocent civilians to death.

It is the right of the American people to criticize those in power, however; comparing the First Family to despotic murderers isn’t criticism, it is dangerous and wrong.


Watch this lunatic below




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