Shots Fired As Driver Tries Plowing Over Cops By White House, Capitol

Shots were fired Wednesday near the White House and the U.S. Capitol after a driver tried to plow through a police car into other officers standing nearby — and police responded by shooting at her.

This is a day after the White House went on lockdown, due to Secret Service reporting the existence of a suspicious package, as reported here.

And both incidents come after several attempted breaches of White House walls, so to speak, by both men and women who jumped the gate and roamed lawns for varying amounts of time, before Secret Service stopped them.

Capitol Police say Wednesday’s shooting near the Capitol and the White House seems to be criminal, not terrorist, in nature. But why so many violent outbursts near the White House since Donald Trump became president?

Wednesday’s incident began mid-morning, when police tried to conduct a traffic stop.

From the New York Post:

“A traffic stop near the Capitol turned into a scene of total chaos Wednesday morning when the driver plowed into a police car and aimed for other officers before cops opened fire on the busy street.

“The mayhem unfolded around 9:30 a.m. when cops tried to stop the female motorist, who was driving erratically along Independence Avenue, according to Eva Malecki, the spokeswoman for the US Capitol Police.

“She made a U-turn and nearly struck some officers. It’s not clear when she rammed the Capitol police cruiser.

“Malecki told reporters the incident appears to be ‘criminal with no nexus to terrorism.’

“She said shots were fired as cops tried to arrest the woman but she didn’t say who fired. …

“Malecki described the suspect as ‘erratic and aggressive’ but said a motive is not yet known.”

Seriously, though — could we go a week without an act of criminal intent taking place on or near White House grounds?

For all the talk about Barack Obama needing extra security for his presidency — for all the talk from the far left that attempted to paint the ideological right as racist and say that simply because Obama was black, he needed extra security — the fact is the left has gone nuts over President Donald Trump. Within just a few short days, Trump’s White House has suffered more incursions and breaches than Obama’s in a months — and that’s not even looking at all the anti-Trump violence that’s coursed through city streets and across U.S. college campuses nationwide.

H/T Pamela Geller
by Geller Report Staff ||Image Credit

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