Uh-oh: More VERY bad news…

If there’s one way to describe the global security situation with sarcasm, I’d theme it “As the World Burns.” I truly find it odd, no, disturbing that the liberal progressive media is doing all it can to deflect from the deplorable global security atmosphere in the aftermath of Barack Obama.

I mean seriously, this was the guy who was given the ultimate “participation trophy” with a Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing. Any person with an ounce of integrity and character would have declined the absurdity of accepting such a distinction — then again, we are talking about Obama. Needless to say, President Trump ain’t gonna be receiving any accolades from the international leftist progressive community of chuckleheads.

But in my search for unique stories to share with you, our loyal readers, I came across a very interesting one.

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Remember those peaceful Chinese Muslims called the Uyghurs? Yes, they were the ones caught in Afghanistan and elsewhere who found themselves ending up in GITMO. However, we were told by the leftist progressives that they weren’t REALLY jihadists, just peaceful dissidents who were caught up in being persecuted by the Chinese.

So everyone clamored for their release, and I dug out the story from a September 2012 New York Post article about how the beautiful island of Bermuda became home to these charming prisoners and how happy they were to be there, three years after their release.

Almost immediately upon their arrival early in the morning of June 9, 2009, the men were media superstars. Here were these bearded and confused refugees from a far corner of communist China now eating ice cream, confused by the inverse pyramid of a cone! In socks and sandals, strolling down streets lined with palm trees! Ecstatically and awkwardly diving into the azure ocean! 

“It was my first time swimming in the sea,” one of the men told the Bermuda Sun at the time. “I have never tasted salt water before.” Another was quoted elsewhere as having been angry with the United States, until the Obama administration orchestrated their relocation to Bermuda. “Before we were asking, ‘Why are the Americans doing this to us?’” he said. But, he added, “We have ended up in such a beautiful place. We don’t want to look back, and we don’t have any hard feelings toward the United States.”

Well, funny thing, I came across a recent report about those Uyghurs that portrays a different story — perhaps those fellas should have stayed in GITMO.

As reported by Ynetnews.com, “A report by the Israeli Foreign Ministry found that thousands of Chinese Muslims are fighting in the ranks of jihadi organizations in Syria.

China is very concerned about their return and their influence on the security of its citizens and its worldwide interests, which is why they have recently increased their involvement in Syria, and have pushed to strengthen their ties with the Assad regime. 

Traditionally, China attributed little importance to Syria, but current circumstances are changing the situation. The report of one of Israel’s three intelligence assessment bodies, along with Military Intelligence and the Mossad, stated, “The arrival of tens of thousands of Chinese citizens fighting and living in the country raises the need for monitoring them. China is interested in as much data that can be collected on them, and it is our understanding that they would prefer to liquidate them on Syrian soil, in order to prevent their return to their region.” 

In order to achieve these goals, China has to be assisted by those who are active in the field and with which it has friendly relations: Russia, Iran, and the Assad regime. The Chinese who fight in Syria are members of the Muslim Uyghur minority, a Sunni minority that speaks in a Turkish dialect and mainly resides in the northwestern province of Xinjiang. President Assad has recently said that Syrian and Chinese intelligence officials are working together to fight the Uyghurs in Syria, who entered through Turkey—and accused Turkey of the crisis. A spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that China is ready to cooperate with relevant parties, including Syria, to combat the cross-border activities of the Uyghurs.”

Two things immediately jump out here. First there’s the Turkish involvement again in allowing Islamic jihadists safe transfer through their territory into Syria. Turkish President Erdogan’s hands are certainly not clean, yet this was the fella whom Obama praised as a very close friend.

And early on in 2009, it was the Turkish General Assembly, not the Israeli Knesset whom Obama addressed. Heck, even after Turkey, Obama went and spoke at the University of Cairo, where he insisted members of the Muslim Brotherhood sit front and center…hmm, when is President Trump going to declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization? It’s time the Trump administration plays some serious hard ball with Turkey, and see them for who they are, Sunni Islamists enablers, supporters and sympathizers…kinda like our previous president who seemingly was all over the place supporting Sunni or Shiite Islamists.

The second point we see is that in the post-Obama Middle East, America has little to no substantial influence. We’ve been supplanted by Russia and Iran. Now, some of you may say so what, and that’s a good thing, but keep in mind, Putin and Rouhani, as well as the Ayatollah, will only seek out their own aspirations, such as propping up the Assad regime. They will not actively seek to deny Islamic jihadist sanctuaries aimed towards the West. And here we have another adverse consequence to that immense strategic blunder of a decision to withdraw all US forces from Iraq. Another place where we must reestablish our bona fides post-Obama who as the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi stated, didn’t expend any efforts to stabilize Iraq.

The great recipient of the Nobel Peace participation trophy unlocked the door to the expansion of a global Islamic jihad. Furthermore, he found comfort with those entities who were supporting and enabling its ease of travel.

Now, the challenge for the Trump administration is to truly play a game where he’s already many touchdowns, baskets and runs behind, but still must find a way to win. It will be difficult for President Trump because the hand he’s been dealt isn’t a very strong one…thanks to Obama’s flexibility after reelection that allowed Russia, i.e. Vladimir Putin, to enact his expansionist goals and objectives, undeterred. After all, it was Obama who chided Mitt Romney when he stated that our greatest geopolitical adversary was Russia and Obama replied that the 80’s are calling and want their foreign policy back. Oh, how cute! But in actuality, how stupid.

Here is the play the Trump administration must make, and I hope his National Security Advisor is sharing this. We must find a way to squeeze China and Russia. The fact that they’re far away in Syria means very long logistical support lines — reminds me of Hitler’s Nazi German forces in World War II.

We must strike them closer to home via diplomatic, economic, and yes military tools of our national power. We also need to end the farce of the Iranian nuclear agreement. We need to enact those Freedom of Navigation Operations (FONOPs) in order to pressure China. And this is a China who’s already starting to land military aircraft on those illegally-constructed, manmade islands in the South China Sea. The United States has to take the lead and show we have the upper hand in defeating the global Islamic jihad, and that China needs our support, not that of Russia and Iran, in order to be secure. But, they won’t have our support or cooperation unless they back off with their hegemonic ventures.

This is the game of chess, perhaps even a modern day Game of Thrones, which we, America, can ill afford to lose. If we find ourselves left standing in the global security game of musical chairs, there are incredibly dangerous consequences and ramifications.

This just demonstrates another reason why progressive socialists cannot be in a position of leadership in America. Obama dropped the ball on this, and perhaps, instead of talking about Russian influencing our elections, the rascals in DC need to be focused on the noose being tightened as we teeter on the three-legged stool. Nah, the American liberal progressive media isn’t going to tell us the truth about the Uyghurs, and what they’re doing.

And that’s why they too, along with the progressive socialists with whom they are complicit, suck!

H/T Allen B. West
by Allen West ||Image Credit


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