What happened to Prager?

I normally enjoy reading Dennis Prager, and greatly respect his view. But his latest column, attacking the House Freedom Caucus and defending Ryancare, was beyond the pale. Indefensible. Left-think at its best. After this offensive liberal claptrap, I don’t know that I could ever read the man again!

How this good man, who has written for decades about the importance of moral purity and the need to stand strong at all costs, suddenly switch sides and blame the “purists” is inexplicable. For something like this leftist slop to be posted under his name is absolutely outrageous!

Was he actually on vacation and had a liberal ghost writer? Did someone hack his account and you didn’t notice that?

What is going on with Dennis? Did he have a massive stroke? What could explain the fact that he seems to have suddenly gone over to the dark side?

Praise God for the few conservatives that remain in Congress. Thank God that some of them actually plan on keeping their promise to repeal Obamacare – the SINGLE worst piece of legislation ever passed in American history. Thanks to these good men and women for standing against government takeover of health care!

This was strike one for Dennis Prager. We are watching you, sir. You are on notice.

Oscar R. Lynch

by -NO AUTHOR- || Image Credit


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