Former Obama appointees make STARTLING confessions…

Ever since Donald Trump was sworn in as president, he’s been taking a sharp axe to the root of much of what the Obama administration tried to accomplish via executive order, setting his sights on the EPA and the ridiculous regulations they put in place as an attempt to gain more government control over the private sector.

This, of course, has not gone over well with liberals, particularly those who were formerly part of the Obama-era EPA which is currently freaking out over the actions being taken to slash the size of government when it comes to environmental issues.

Former EPA director Gina McCarthy is really taking things hard.

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According to Politico, For Gina McCarthy, who led EPA when it issued its landmark greenhouse gas restrictions for power plants, it was no shock that Trump would seek to undo Obama’s climate regulations by using the same executive power that had gone into their creation. But she said she’s stunned at how fast Trump is moving.

“The approach they’re taking is really a slash-and-burn approach,” she told POLITICO.

“I really honestly don’t know what dragon they’re trying to slay here,” McCarthy added. “I really don’t. If they’re saying EPA has done something illegal, then let the courts decide that. If they think that EPA is anti-economy, then show me some data that shows that.”

McCarthy, who returned to her native Boston after the White House handover, admitted that she has turned to one of her city’s tried-and-true methods of coping with frustration: “We drink a lot of coffee during the day and other things at night. And night comes earlier and earlier.”

Trump took the short drive to EPA headquarters on Tuesday to stand with a group of coal miners, his EPA chief Scott Pruitt, Energy Secretary Rick Perry and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, and sign an executive order that started the process to undo the power plant rule. The order also repeals directives aimed at reducing the federal government’s own carbon footprint, and it directs agencies to ferret out any additional policies “that potentially burden the development or use of” oil, natural gas, coal or nuclear energy.

The president also told federal regulators to stop using the “social cost of carbon,” which attempts to quantify the effects of climate change, in economic analyses of future rules.

For Brian Deese, who served as Obama’s energy adviser, Trump’s action hit close to home. “I was in charge of everything that’s in this executive order,” he said.

“Of course it’s frustrating,” he added. “But this work and the efforts we put in place were never about us or about President Obama, and so I’m much more focused on the road ahead and less focused on the frustration about all of the effort that our teams put in — and much more focused now on what can be done to try to keep the momentum of the transition toward keeping cleaner energy sources in place.”

Turning to heavy drinking to soothe their heartache over losing the White House and watching their dreams of big government intervention and wealth redistribution go up in smoke.

That’s pretty sad.

The whole purpose of expanding the EPA and creating regulations wasn’t to protect the environment, but to provide an excuse for intruding on privately-owned businesses and redistribute profits through fines and fees.

It was a sly way to get more of the means of production under federal control.

Trump slashing this big government machine is actually creating more liberty and economic prosperity. It frees businesses up to create jobs and expand, hiring more folks and lowering unemployment.

The key to fixing much of what ails our nation lies in the free market. If only liberals were open to giving it a shot.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

H/T Allen B. West
by Michael Cantrell ||Image Credit


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