DC Watchdog is a constitutional conservative news website designed  specifically to: Expose the corruption of Washington politicians and shine a light on radical Islam: Protect our American freedom and liberties: Defend our Constitution with a vengeance… or die trying.

Along the way, we hope to reach and inspire other U.S. patriots to rise up — to peacefully revolt against when needed, our own government and wrong-doers in an effort to save this great country from the wrath of evil and ultimate ruin.

We deliver fact-based news and editorials.  And with the truth, comes a strong sense of urgency to defend our constitutional rights.  The same rights which are being devalued, disparaged, and destroyed through selfish and careless liberal policies embraced by the left, and forcefully enacted by the Obama administration.  These very same policies are having a detrimental effect on our country.  We must act now to avoid further and irreparable damage… it may be too late.

You will see reference and alignment with a number of other conservative sites including: Breitbart, Western Journalism, InfoWars, Walid Shoebat, Drudge Report, Allen West, The Black Sphere, Mark Levin, Zero Hedge, The Weekly Standard, just to name a few.  These websites are well known for their conservative and libertarian viewpoints, aggressive in-your-face delivery, and passionate American Constitutionalism, Capitalism, and idealism.

Come join with us in the fight against the liberal idiocies and evil mongers of the world!